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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 15, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i'll start with fiber first, thenngo o maps two security guards arr fighting for their llfe ight now.thhy were shot last night in north baltimore... at an apartment complee nnar harwood park.this morning, the search is one for suspects.megan pilliland is live with more on how the guards are doing at thii hour. hour.good mornnig patrice,both guards are in serious condition.onn of them, a 32-
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year old female guard was shott in the eyee.. and the other, a 38-year old male guard was shot several times in his it hhppeeed around 8:30 llst night in the oak hhll townhome complex... policeesay the two armed guards were patrolling a townhome in the 2800 block of mathews street... when they came upon a group of people. there was a scuffle and gun fire broke ut.attthis point, police aren't sure what started the fiiht oo even how many suspects there were. 10:59:36- "we believe at the guard returnnd fire at the suspects, it's unclear if they struck."if you know anything about this 3 shootinn... olice are asking that you
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call them at 410-396-2110. police say they're checking area hospitals for anyooe megan gilliland,,fox45 orning news. a family s mourning the losss of a teenage giril.. who died pfter being hit by a car in anne arundee county earlier this week.17-year old kara mik-kitchee died wwdnesday. she and her boyfriend werr trying to cross ritcciee highway after a date at a local carnival. both of them were hit by the car. crossing at a crosswalk at the time of the accident. the boyfriend is in serious but stable condition. the driver onnt be charged. this is what remains of a ccr.. .after a high speed crash!a sports car... is down to a block of metal! metal!it happened arouud nine thursday morning in southwest baltimore.this white ussang convertible.... slammed into a light pole at west patapsco the car crumbled and bent into a twisted pile of wreckkge light ollscrash team investigators werr n the
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scene.still no word... on he driver's condition. days after city councilwoman helen holton is cleared of bribery and erjury charges.....she's speaking ut about what happened.holtonn thanked her friends... family standing by her. sheesays that this ordeal has made her stronger and she's ready to move orward. "it takes adversity o sharpen the lense of what you do and understaad theesignificance and importance of the peeple that you seeve" serve" prosecutors accused holton of taking campaign money in exchange for her votes on council. holttn pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation last year. she is currently running for re- election. maryland has a reat credit rating.our state is one of only eight states to hhve a triple a bond rating.that means... the state can borrow lower interest rates. it's the only place you'll see theebaltimore dancing, aad crazy ray's art place. yes... it's once
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again time for artscape. joel d. smith is there now as the biggest free arts festival in the country is set to begin. good morning joel d.
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3 3 -3 wizaads... and muggles.. stood in line for the midnight supposedly ... lass... harry potter film.we caught up with a "wizard" who saw the film in hunt valley... and he's happy with the ending of "harry hallows.. partttwo." i thought it was a spectacular mooie....... i thought it was a maaterful ending to a wonderful series.
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series.harry potterrand thee deathly hallows: part 2" s rated pg-13. &pcoming up on the early edition... the weekend arrives.. and wiih it.. nice weather! meteorologist steve fertig has yoor highs nn lows.. &pplus.. we're checking in on your morning commutt.. in your traafic edge edge 3
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3 - who will be the next american idol?- will they come from pittsburgh? - ttousands are expected to auditiin for a channe to make it hollywood. hollyyood.- candace dold live
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liberty-back to maps pls 3 33
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3 3 coming up... the dangers you could face on the road... road...we've opened up a can of worms with this mediial maria legalwhy people riving ke pott high... may be harddto catch... catch...and later in sports... ffrget about tiger woods... it's aal bout the return of he peformed &pin the u-s open.. after aa three week break. ((buup out)) ((break 2))
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3 driving under the drunkk anymore... many states... including their marijuana laws.there is growing concerr the number of drugged drivers on the road will this morning's cover story... jeff abell difficult puttiig the brakes on thooe... thosee.. who are... "driving high"... (29:00) (exterior shot pf school) at baltimore county's pollce academy.... (14:44) "i want to follow the pen with your eyes don't officers re getting a better view of narcotics.... (21:21) "remember we always start with the left eye...." they're training to better detect the signs of drugg....
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p (24:00) (instructor) "we wanna em to stty til we tell em to start, sttyight..." at the end o the course, they'll be certified as drug reccgnition pxperts.... (roadway video) there are now more than 500d-r-e's patrolling the streets of maryland....all of them with a keen eye for those who are driving high.... (2:41) (woodward) "a person's inability to judge how fast they're closing in on that vehicle in front of them run into someone before they brakes...." there is growing concern that the number of maryland mmtorists driving under the influence of druus could soon rise. iis fueld by a growing umber pf states, including maryland, allow the used of medical marijuuna. (1:59) "because its a prescription drug, they're gonna thhnk its okay to drive a vehicle..." when it comes to the real impact marijuana has on motorists....different studies and have proddced difffrent results. stoned by years. we know what it does....!" mike
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gimbel is a drug counselor at saint oseph's hospital. (44:50) "would you get on a &pplane if the pilot was smokin it...?" (1:05:04) "i think thats an unrealisticc fearr..." leonard shapiro is a criminal defense attornny... (1:02:20) "people have been ssoking marijuana regulaaly since the fifties anbd ssxties and i to an alarming nnmber of crimes caused receetly..." (abell) "paat of the problem is that there's no device to gauge marijuanaa thereeis for alcoholl... and vvn if there wass...there's o law that spells out how too muchh...." (40:05) "they were so quick to make it available, they didn't think people would rive ccrs...?" a blood test is the only sure way to measure mmrijuana....but even blood doesn't guarantee guilt.... (58:29) "just finding marijuana n one's blood would not lead to a conviction
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marijuana can remain in the bllod for weeks...." (21:40) "now, show em how you'd do it in total ddrkness...." so the view from these officers could e key..... as they search drive (9:15) "if they - haveeany potential to impair you don't get behind the wheel of a vehicle." jeff abell, fox 45 news at ten. coming up ... ...the orioles had a rough eed to the first half of the season... see if the 2nd half is treating them any better.. next in spprts. ((break 3)) 3 bruce cunningham has fox 45 m 3
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coming uu n our 6 o'clock hour... a real-life angry bird... find out why it's attacking innocent bystanders! are shot in north baltimore.ds - i'm egan gilliland, where police are lookinn for the suspects right 3
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two armed security guards are shot.. and the suspects re still n the loose his morning.what may have lead to the violence. 3 3 3 -3 and.. a real life.. angry bird. watch as he woops down aad attacks dozens of people.why he might be doing this. fridju


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